Monday, January 28, 2008

Comments and Concerns About Our Neighborhood

Post here any general comments, concerns, or questions about our neighborhood, including proposed development projects. You can also post any comments or suggestions you have for the this blog or the Downtown Lake Merritt Neighborhood Group website.

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Anonymous said...

I just got robbed earlier at the intersection of 17th and Alice st at around 6:00pm. a group of about 5 guys on their 20s push me into a covered garage, put a gun on my head, took my cellphone and wallet.
made me get on my knees, facing the wall, hit me on the back of the head and shot at me with the gun as he was walking out of the garage. Thank god the bullet did not hit me. I would like to let everybody in the neighborhood to know what is going on.
We can not let this happen to us.

Please let me know how we can make everybody aware of this problem in our neighborhood.